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Game Cloud Awards 2015 Won the top prize

*GMO Apps Cloud received top prize in Game Cloud Awards for five consecutive Game Cloud Award is presented by IID, Inc., operator of several game media websites including and iNSIDE.

GMO Apps Cloud is Cost-Efficient


GMO Apps Cloud

Company A Company B
Virtual Server
Highend Plan

16vCPU/16GB memory

16vCPU/16GB Memory

8vCPU/16GB Memory

Virtual Server
Bandwidth limits

No Limits



No Limits


12Core/128GB Memory

12Core/144GB Memory

16Core/128GB Memory

Load Balancer

Free of charge (HW)

Charge (SW)

Charge (SW)

Support(Phone & Email)

Free of charge
(365 days 24 hours)

Free of charge


Minimum service requirement




1 month


Two billing systems

We provide hourly charge and daily charge billing plans for usage of virtual servers. Daily charge billing is ideal for managing short-term events in a social game.

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Scale up and down

By switching disks, you can easily scale up and down CPU and Memory of virtual servers in Remote-Disk plan.

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Fusion-io ioDrive2

Fusion-io ioDrive 2's ioMemory platform provides consistent low latency access which normal HDD nor SSD cannot achieve. It enhances performance of your DB access.

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High quality network environment

Both internet and internal network have 10Gbps bandwidth in order to retain smooth traffic flow. In addition, we provide high performance dedicated load balancer free of charge.

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Easy-to-use Control Panel

With user friendly UI, our control panel makes all the operation easy and intuitive. All operations can be easily completed on a web browser. To secure your server, "Two Step Authentication" is available as well.

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Data center locations

We operate out of data centers in Japan, the U.S., and South. Korea.
You can manage multiple accounts in different regions on the same control panel.

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GMO Apps Cloud provides one VLAN per customer account. In a secure Class-C internal network, over 200 servers can be created within a VLAN. Quick operation and high functionality.